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Amphetamine Treatment

Amphetamine addiction treatment can help you overcome your addiction!

For those who become addicted to amphetamine, addiction treatment offers a safe, secure environment where the user can work to overcome the perils of the addiction and get their life back in order.  Amphetamine addiction treatment takes on various forms and may include a stint in residential treatment, often requires hospitalization during detox and could even include long-term psychiatric care.  This all depends on the individual case of the user and his or her needs.

Here you will get information about:

  • Amphetamine Addiction Treatment
  • Amphetamine Overdose Treatment

The guides in this section are available to assist you in finding quality, effective methods of treatment that will make getting past amphetamine addiction and moving on with a new, sober lifestyle a possible option for you.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

Do you know someone who is addicted to amphetamines and who needs help? There are many options available to assist you when it comes to amphetamine addiction treatment.  The most common methods of treatment for an amphetamine addiction include detox, counseling, behavioral therapy and psychiatric care.  Many patients will seek long-term psychiatric care to ensure their continued success in sobriety and in living without drugs.

If you know someone who is addicted to amphetamines, call our helpline at 800-820-1143 (Who Answers?) to talk to a counselor about the addiction treatment options that are available to assist you in recovery. We can help you find local addiction treatment that will suit your needs and can provide you with the support necessary to make a full, lasting recovery.

Amphetamine Overdose Treatment

If you suspect that you or someone you know has overdosed on amphetamine, call 911 immediately for medical help!

Amphetamine overdose treatment is available and is most effective when the treatment begins to be administered within an hour or less of the amphetamine use.  While treatment can be provided further into the overdose the best case for the patient is to seek help as soon as possible.

Amphetamine overdose treatment often consists of hospitalization if nothing else to monitor vitals and make sure that the patient remains in a safe environment.  In some cases, amphetamine overdose can be very serious and may require serious medical intervention to ensure the absolute safety of the user. Medications are administered intravenously to provide the patient with the best chance of recovering completely from the overdose.

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