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effects of amphetamine addiction

The effects of amphetamine can be miserable.

The effects of amphetamine include both physical and psychiatric side effects that may go away when amphetamine use is discontinued or they may linger indefinitely.  Sustained amphetamine abuse can lead to long-term health consequences, extreme psychiatric side effects and permanent neurological damage.  Amphetamine effects are widely diverse and may include everything from mild agitation to psychosis depending on the individual user, the severity of the amphetamine abuse, the type of amphetamine being abused and other factors.

In this guide to amphetamine effects, you will learn about the following topics:

Amphetamine Side Effects

The side effects of amphetamine include various symptoms including weight loss, anorexia, insomnia and hyperactivity.  You may or may not notice these side effects in an individual who abusing amphetamine.  Sustained use of amphetamine is likely to lead to a number of side effects that pose immediate health risks to the user such as irregular heartbeat, heart attack, stroke and seizures.

Amphetamine Psychosis

In rare cases, amphetamine use can lead to what is known as amphetamine psychosis.  Amphetamine psychosis is a drug induced paranoia that mimics the symptoms of schizophrenia.  The user may suffer from these symptoms only when he or she is “high” on amphetamine or the psychosis may not dissipate even after the amphetamine has worn off.  In some cases, amphetamine abuse has led to permanent psychosis and has even caused the user to reach a permanent catatonic state in which they are seemingly completely cutoff from the outside world.

Amphetamine and Weight Loss

When amphetamine is used, the appetite is suppressed which is why this drug is quite notably known for its potential to promote weight loss.  Weight loss can result from over-the-counter amphetamine containing products as well as from using prescription amphetamines. In fact, some doctors will actually prescribe amphetamine containing drugs for people who are morbidly obese in an effort to help promote weight loss.

Effects of Amphetamine and Alcohol

The effects of taking amphetamine and drinking alcohol at the same time can be fatal.  Alcohol is a depressant that depresses the central nervous system whereas amphetamine is a stimulant that stimulates the CNS.  The combined effects of amphetamine and alcohol can lead to heart attack, paranoia, psychosis, over-consumption of alcohol, seizures and death.  It’s important not to ever take amphetamine when under the influence of alcohol or to drink alcohol when under the influence of amphetamine.

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